The Onslaught of Genetic Engineering 2.0

Over the previous 30 years OCA and our allies internationally have fought exhausting in opposition to gene-spliced GMO meals and crops and the poisonous pesticides and chemical substances that at all times accompany them, exposing their risks, limiting their market share, and in some nations bringing about necessary bans (Mexico) and/or labeling and safety-testing. (USA and Europe)

However now Invoice Gates, the gene-engineers, the World Financial Discussion board, and the Davos “Nice Reset” technocrats and authoritarians, the parents who anticipated and profited off of COVID and the lockdowns, have a daring new plan to shove down our throats: eliminate animal agriculture, ranching, and small farms completely. Make lab-engineered faux meat, faux milk, and faux cheese the brand new regular. Faux they’re not genetically engineered and due to this fact they don’t should be correctly safety-tested and labeled. Divide and conquer vegans and carnivores, city shoppers and rural communities.  Drive into chapter 11 and off the land the billion ranchers, small farmers, and herdsmen/ladies world wide, who rely upon elevating animals and livestock for his or her survival.

The highly effective Lab Meat and Lab Dairy foyer, funded by Invoice Gates and a rising variety of Silicon Valley tycoons, pay lip service to decreasing the CO2, methane, and nitrous oxide emissions from manufacturing facility farms, and rhetorically decry animal cruelty, however their highest precedence appears to be undermining and destroying natural and regenerative farmers, particularly these working towards holistic grazing and pasturing, these elevating animals with out glyphosate, neonics, GMO grains, or different chemical-intensive inputs.  Gates and the Nice Resetters appear hell bent on establishing a brand new, unregulated monopoly of lab engineered (and naturally patented) Frankenfoods. Tellingly sufficient the Massive Meat giants (JBS, Cargill, Tyson, et al) and the Dairy Giants (Unilever and Nestle) are all now investing in faux meat and dairy as properly, hedging their bets and diversifying their greed.  

The cheerleaders and fake-hip entrepreneurs of Frankenfoods 2.0 declare their merchandise aren’t actually genetically engineered (a lie); that they’re completely plant-based (a lie); and that they’re protected (the federal government permits these corporations to self-declare their SynBio merchandise as protected), nutritious (a lie), moral (a lie), and principally equal to actual meat and dairy (one other lie).

As Natural Insider factors out:

“In recent times, ‘animal-free’ dairy proteins have discovered their method into every little thing from ice cream to cream cheese to snack bars, however many patrons, meals producers and retailers are unaware that these are literally unlabeled and unregulated GMOs. Additional compounding the issue is that buyers could also be misled into considering that these merchandise are ‘pure,’ which may probably take market share away from the natural business.”

“‘Corporations name this stuff ‘artificial biology’ and ‘fermentation expertise,’ however these meals are all simply GMOs,’ said Michael Hansen, Senior Workers Scientist at Consumer Reports. ‘They’re utilizing phrases folks don’t perceive, so that folks won’t understand these are GMO elements.’”  

A recent poll within the UK signifies that 60% of shoppers don’t wish to eat GE lab meat.

The cabal pushing lab meats and dairy, and their Monsanto/Bayer/Syngenta/ Dow/DuPont counterparts pushing pesticide-drenched, first era GMOs (1.0), declare that natural farming and holistic grazing and the pasturing of animals are inefficient and even harmful, and that in our Courageous New World of gene-splicing, gene-editing, and so-called precision fermentation, solely elite lab engineers, massive firms, and technocrats can feed the world and mitigate the environmental and local weather disaster.

However in reality there’s a rising physique of proof that these twenty first Century Frankenfoods are neither protected nor nutritious. SynBio Frankenfoods are neither sustainable nor-plant based mostly, nor by any stretch of the creativeness equitable for household farmers, ranchers, and indigenous/conventional communities. SynBio meals aren’t correctly safety-tested nor labeled. Certainly upon nearer examination, wanting on the official risk disclosures that publicly-traded SynBio producers corresponding to Ginko Bioworks are required to supply to buyers, this new era of GE meals pose a probably catastrophic risk to our well being, atmosphere, and the livelihoods of the world’s three billion small farmers, ranchers, indigenous herders, and rural villagers.

As Ginko admits:

“The discharge of genetically modified organisms or supplies, whether or not inadvertent or purposeful, into uncontrolled environments may have unintended penalties… we can not assure that these preventative measures will get rid of or cut back the danger of the home and international alternatives for the misuse or negligent use of our engineered cells supplies, and organisms and manufacturing processes.” 

Though there was a small however longstanding resistance to Artificial Biology, spearheaded by public curiosity non-governmental organizations (NGOs) corresponding to ETC Group, Friends of the Earth, and the International Center for Technology Assessment, which now we have supported previously, OCA believes the time is ripe to construct up a brand new, vastly expanded U.S. and international marketing campaign of farmers and shoppers to cease the Frankenfoods 2.0 faux meat, faux dairy onslaught.

By way of mass public schooling, litigation, boycotts, and protests, the objective of this revitalized farmer/shopper marketing campaign shall be to drive these genetically engineered Frankenfoods (faux meat, faux milk, faux cheese) off the market, and, within the course of, flip again the deliberate demolition of our natural and small farmer-based meals and farming system by Invoice Gates, the Rockefeller Basis, Silicon Valley Massive Meat, Massive Dairy, and the Davos Crowd.

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Keep tuned for future developments.