The Bitter Reign of the Covidians

January 30, 2023
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Ronnie Cummins

Van Morrison, the Irish bard, one in every of my longstanding musical favorites, put issues in perspective in a protest tune he wrote in the course of the Pandemic and the Lockdown. At the moment Morrison and Eric Clapton have been being vilified and censored by the Hollywood elite and well-known (once rebellious) rock n’ rollers for deviating from the Institution narrative on COVID-19:

Where have all the rebels gone?

Hiding behind laptop screens

The place’s the spirit, the place’s the soul…

One for the cash, two for the present…

It’s not very rock n’ roll…

Ready for another person to make a transfer

Why are they sitting on the fence?”

OCA, myself personally, and different COVID investigators have been being slandered and censored similtaneously Morrison and Clapton. In 2020 the web monopolies together with Google, Fb, and YouTube had begun “shadow banning” OCA and Tens of millions Towards Monsanto’s postings and movies to our two million social media followers and threatening to de-platform us solely.

So-called “progressive” media that had carried our articles and interviews for greater than a decade (Widespread Desires, Truthout, Counterpunch, Democracy Now, Pacifica Radio) censored and slandered us, calling us and our fellow COVID researchers and truth-tellers racists, “Trumpers,” or “conspiracy theorists” for exposing the plain incontrovertible fact that the genetically engineered SARS-CoV-2 virus, a reckless three way partnership of U.S. and Chinese language scientists, governments, and the army, clearly got here out of a Wuhan Lab, the place it was unintentionally or intentionally launched.

Parroting Huge Pharma, Pentagon, Silicon Valley, and authorities lies, the Institution and what had beforehand described themselves because the “various media,” together with celebrities, politicians, and indentured scientists fully discredited themselves, claiming that COVID-19 was a pure spillover, not a lab launch or a weaponized pathogen; that the virus posed a mortal menace, not solely to these 75 years and older with medical issues, and people with critical pre-existing co-morbidities, however posed a mortal menace to everybody, together with kids, youth, and wholesome adults; that there was no such factor as “pure immunity” for these earlier contaminated; that financial lockdowns, enterprise closures, faculty closures, masks, and vaccine passports have been crucial; and that the profitable prevention and early remedy of COVID by frontline medical doctors using repurposed malaria (hydroxychloroquine) and parasite (ivermectin) medication and pure medicines (vitamin D, quercetin, zinc) was nothing greater than harmful quackery.

In 2021 by means of the current day, the web monopolies, the legacy media, and so-called progressive shops criminally performed down and/or lined up the plain fraud, profiteering, and large deaths and accidents arising from the lockdowns, mandates, faculty closures, and Warp Pace mRNA gene remedy medication.

The experimental genetically engineered mRNA medication, “vaccines in title solely,” injected into the our bodies of 67% of all Individuals, together with defenseless kids and infants (by means of coercion, fear-mongering, and false claims of efficacy and security), by the Trump and Biden administrations, in an operation led and directed by the Pentagon, will go down in historical past as a criminal offense in opposition to humanity.

Despite my 2021 ebook, co-authored with Dr. Joseph Mercola, The Fact About COVID-19 with an introduction by Robert Kennedy Jr., changing into a best-seller (with over 400,000 copies offered) not one outlet within the Institution or “progressive” media was prepared to evaluation the ebook. Neither Barnes & Noble nor any impartial bookstores would promote the ebook. So-called “liberal” Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts, a self-described skilled on Constitutional regulation, illegally threatened Amazon with Congressional retribution in the event that they didn’t cease promoting our ebook, forcing our writer, Chelsea Inexperienced, Dr. Mercola, RFK Jr., and myself to sue Warren for violation of our free speech rights.

The Biomedical Safety State Has No Garments

However now, February 2023, the reality is popping out. A rising majority of the physique politic and the inhabitants are beginning to get up. Polls point out that the overwhelming majority of Individuals now consider that COVID-19 got here out of the Wuhan lab in China, and that the perpetrators of this crime in opposition to humanity have to be dropped at justice.

The Congressional Home Oversight Committee will quickly be convening hearings on the origins of COVID, forcing witnesses like Trump and Biden Well being Czar Anthony Fauci to confess below oath that sure the U.S. was funding harmful “gain-of-function” experiments in Wuhan, (which have been then supposedly banned within the U.S.). The one different various for Fauci and different authorities officers equivalent to Francis Collins (former NIH Director) can be to lie below oath and run the chance of being jailed for perjury.

Even various public well being bureaucrats now admit that the variety of supposed COVID-19 deaths have been significantly overinflated. Counting those that died “with” COVID (i.e. died from different causes however had just lately examined “optimistic” on a controversial PCR check) as an alternative of those that died explicitly from COVID signs was not only a mistake, however apparently a aware technique to unfold worry and drive compliance with dictatorial and disastrous mandates. An rising variety of officers within the Trump and Biden administrations, and even vaccine cheerleaders and profiteers like Bill Gates now admit, even when reluctantly, that the current COVID mutations equivalent to Omicron aren’t any extra harmful than the widespread chilly or a seasonal few, and that the unique and present COVID-19 “vaccines” and boosters neither forestall an infection nor forestall the unfold of the virus.

Current polls point out that 57% of Individuals need the CDC to be investigated for negligence and fraud over the rollouts, security and efficacy claims, and mandates of the COVID vaccines. A rising majority of the general public, Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike, (51%) consider they know somebody who died from the COVID vaccines, whereas 7% of these vaccinated, an unbelievable 12 million Individuals, say they have been personally “significantly injured” by the vaccines. One other 34% of these injected say that they skilled notable side effects.

Some FDA officers now are attempting to cowl up their medical malpractice and felony habits by claiming that their ban on utilizing “off label” however long-approved medication like ivermectin for efficient early remedy of COVID-19 have been merely “casual suggestions.” The truth is FDA and governmental directives have been dictatorial mandates that precipitated medical doctors to be fired, Individuals to be disadvantaged of life-saving  medicines, scientists and journalists to be de-platfomed, and lots of 1000’s of individuals to die from COVID that demonstrably might have been prevented with early remedy protocols together with ivermectin.

Most just lately a high-level Pfizer scientist and marketer, Jordan Tristan Walker, was caught on an undercover digicam by Venture Veritas journalist James O’Keefe, admitting that Huge Pharma insiders know that SARS-CoV-2 got here out of a lab; that FDA and CDC regulators let Pfizer and others do something they need as a result of they know they’ll land high-paying jobs (“the revolving door”) within the pharmaceutical/vaccine trade after they depart their  authorities jobs; that the mRNA vaccines don’t work; and that billion-dollar revenue concerns from future mRNA vaccines are driving Pfizer and Big Pharma to mutate extra pathogenic viruses (and potential future pandemics) in dangerous, unlawful “gain-of-function” lab experiments which Invoice Pharma euphemistically name “Directed Evolution,” not gain-of-function.

See Robert Malone’s in-depth analysis on the recent Pfizer scandal here.

An increasing number of of us sit up for seeing Pfizer, Moderna, and different Huge Pharma executives, together with their authorities, scientific, Silicon Valley, and Pentagon collaborators behind bars.

In future weblog posts I’ll delve additional into the continued sea adjustments in U.S. public opinion, the rising consciousness of the Deep State; the rising political alliance of left and proper populists; and the event of a real various mass media that can substitute the discredited legacy mass media, social media, and so-called “progressive” media—all setting the stage for a brand new grassroots populist majority that transcends the outdated boundaries of left, proper, and inexperienced, liberal and conservative, rural and concrete. Keep tuned.

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