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What Zelikow’s Myths Inform Us concerning the Fact

Could 24, 2023 | by Alexis Baden-Mayer

Why would three philanthropists who’d funded virus hunts in China that some say may have caused the COVID-19 pandemic need Philip Zelikow, the previous director of the 9/11 Fee who now leads the COVID Disaster Group, to inform their story?

That’s the query that’s been puzzling me since studying Lessons from the COVID War, the primary draft of the official story of the origins of COVID-19. 

I requested Philip Zelikow about it at a latest e book discuss in Washington, D.C. His denials and obfuscations solely made me extra curious. (That’s journalist Sam Husseini who backs me up on the finish.) 

[You can see the entire Q&A featuring great questions from members of on Twitter.] 

COVID Warfare, a quick e book with few citations, inform this story:

In 2012, six miners in southern China’s Yunnan province, working not removed from the borders with Laos and Vietnam, offered with an uncommon sickness. Three of them died. Some medical practitioners believed the miners had caught a SARS-like virus. Following up, Chinese language scientists from Wuhan found many SARS-like viruses amongst horseshoe bats from the identical mine in Yunnan province the place these miners had frolicked instantly earlier than they acquired sick, in addition to amongst bats throughout southern China. Though associated, not one of the viruses discovered up to now on this area or elsewhere are the quick ancestors of the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, that has brought about COVID-19.

COVID Warfare cites Reuter’s 2021 “Explainer: China’s Mojiang mine and its role in the origins of COVID-19” by David Stanway:

Prime U.S. infectious illness skilled Dr. Anthony Fauci has urged China to launch details about six labourers who fell sick after working in a mine in Yunnan province in 2012, and at the moment are seen as a key a part of efforts to search out the origins of COVID-19.

The employees, ages 30 to 63, have been scrubbing a copper seam clear of bat faeces in April 2012. Weeks later, they have been admitted to a hospital within the provincial capital of Kunming with persistent coughs, fevers, head and chest pains and respiration difficulties. Three finally died.

The mine is in Mojiang in southwest China, about 1,500 kilometres from Wuhan, the place COVID-19 was first recognized.

* * *

[A] 2013 thesis written by a Kunming Medical College postgraduate scholar named Li Xu…concludes they have been victims of a “SARS-like” coronavirus contracted from horseshoe bats.

* * *

Because the center of final 12 months, Li’s postgraduate thesis has been circulated on-line as purported proof {that a} coronavirus similar to SARS-CoV-2 might have been infecting people as early as 2012.

Some additionally consider the paper offers circumstantial proof for broader allegations that WIV had captured, studied and performed “acquire of operate” experiments on viruses discovered within the mine, together with RaTG13.

First recognized in 2016, RaTG13 shares 96.2% of its genome with SARS-CoV-2, in accordance with a paper launched by Shi and different researchers early in February 2020, simply weeks after the primary COVID-19 circumstances had been recognized in Wuhan.


From 2012 to 2015, WIV researchers recognized as many as 293 coronaviruses in and across the mine.

The institute in November 2020 disclosed the existence of eight different “SARS-type” coronavirus samples taken from the location.

In a preprint final month, Shi and different researchers stated not one of the eight was a more in-depth match to SARS-CoV-2 than RaTG13. Crucially, none of them possessed the important thing receptor binding area that enables SARS-CoV-2 to contaminate people so effectively.

It’s a captivating story, however there are extra particulars that make it even juicer:

  • Shi Zhengli and the Wuhan Institute of Virology have been attempting to find viruses proper the place the Mojiang “miners” acquired sick—earlier than they acquired sick. Have been they really miners? Or have been they working within the mine shaft for the virus hunters? 
  • The Wuhan Institute of Virology wasn’t doing this alone. The virus hunts have been performed by a consortium of U.S. scientific institutes, together with EcoHealth Alliance and Metabiota.
  • Peter Daszak of EcoHealth Alliance has claimed that the viruses have been stored in a freezer on the Wuhan Institute of Virology, however we all know that some went straight to notorious “gain-of-function” bioweapons researcher Ralph Baric on the College of North Carolina and have been utilized in his experiment, revealed in 2015, the place he engineered a virus startling just like SARS-CoV-2. In truth, we’ve to take his phrase for it that it wasn’t SARS-CoV-2 itself, as a result of he didn’t publish the sequence till Could 2020.
  • The viruses have been retained by Metabiota and EcoHealth Alliance. Emails obtained by U.S. Right to Know reveal that Peter Daszak decided in 2020 to maintain the virus sequences hidden from the general public due to what they could reveal concerning the origins of COVID-19. 
  • Metabiota and EcoHealth Alliance have Pentagon contracts to conduct analysis within the army’s so-called Defense Threat Reduction Agency bioweapons labsthroughout the globe. In 2014, Hunter Biden’s Rosemont Seneca funded and secured government contracts for Metabiota’s work in Ukraine. This included $307,091 allotted for Metabiota’s “Ukrainian research projects.”
  • One other one that had entry to the virus that sickened the miners was George Gao, the top of China’s CDC. Gao was Li Xu’s thesis advisor and was concerned in treating the “miners.” Gao later participated within the Invoice Gates and World Financial Discussion board funded Occasion 201. For those who’ve seen the documentary Plandemic, you’ll acknowledge Event 201 because the eerily predictive October 2019 tabletop train that war-gamed a coronavirus pandemic virtually precisely just like the one that will begin two months later. Lesson from the COVID Warfare ignores Occasion 201 altogether, which is odd, on condition that its organizers on the Johns Hopkins Heart for Well being Safety are official members of the COVID Crisis Group and may analyze how properly Occasion 201 ready leaders like Gao for the pandemic.
  • The $200 million in funding for the virus hunts got here from a U.S. Company for Worldwide Growth program known as PREDICT. That program was launched first at as Predict and Prevent.
  • Rajiv Shah was USAID director throughout the PREDICT virus hunts. Eric Schmidtwas CEO of Google when it launched Predict and Forestall with the International Viral Forecasting Initiative (now Metabiota) and monetary help from Jeffrey Skoll of EBay.
  • Now, Schmidt, Skoll and Shah (as president of the Rockefeller Foundation) are the backers of Philip Zelikow’s COVID Disaster Group (previously the COVID Fee Planning Group).

So, why would Schmidt, Skoll and Shah need Philip Zelikow to inform the story of the “Mojiang miners,” given the place it leads?

Did they need him to cowl it up? Or did they employed him to cement a COVID origins delusion that that they had labored since 2008 to assemble? A delusion that will make the intentional launch of a organic weapon appear like lab leak?

Right here’s what Schmidt, Skoll and Shah made certain COVID Wars didn’t embody within the story of the “Mojiang miners”:

The Wuhan Institute of Virology wasn’t looking viruses alone. From 2009 to 2020, they have been companions in USAID’s PREDICT and PREDICT-2 Consortiums which dispersed $211.8 million in grants between 2009 and 2020. The consortiums additionally included EcoHealth Alliance and Metabiota.

USAID’s PREDICT began in 2008 as’s Predict and Forestall, which dedicated $30 million to virus looking and analysis on potential pandemic pathogens performed by Dr. Nathan Wolfe’s non-profit Global Viral Forecasting Initiative, quickly to develop into the for-profit Metabiota. Predict and Forestall/GVFI funders on the time included Jeffrey Skoll’s basis, the Invoice & Melinda Gates Basis, Merck Analysis Laboratories and the US Division of Protection. Jeffrey Epstein Was thanked in Wolfe’s 2011 e book The Viral Storm: The Daybreak of a New Pandemic Age’s Predict and Forestall acquired a a lot larger price range when it discovered a house at Rajiv Shah’s USAID. In its first USAID funding cycle, 2009-2014, $74.7 million was dispersed from USAID by way of Dr. Jonna Mazet’s One Well being Institute on the College of California, Davis. I’ve not been capable of finding a report of sub-awards on that grant. In its second funding cycle, 2014-2020, $137.1 million was dispersed, once more by way of Mazet at UC-Davis. The report of sub awards present that EcoHealth Alliance and Metabiota have been the first recipients of round-2 funding, collectively receiving greater than $74 million, typically dispersed in matching grants. As an illustration, they every acquired $9.1 million in 2016 and $12.7 million in 2015.

The Wuhan Institute of Virology, EcoHealth Alliance and Metabiota obtained PREDICT funding for work they revealed collectively in Could 2014, “Evidence for Retrovirus and Paramyxovirus Infection of Multiple Bat Species in China,” an evaluation of bat viruses collected in Yunnan close to Pu’er Metropolis, south of Kunming, between November 2011 and March 2012. 

It was in Kunming, simply after Metabiota, the Wuhan Institute of Virology and EcoHealth Alliance had completed that virus hunt that six men exposed to bat guano were hospitalized with severe pneumonia of an unknown cause. They have been admitted to the hospital in April. Three died. The longest hospitalization lasted into September.

In order that locations PREDICT (and by extension their funders Schmidt, Skoll and Shah) on the scene of the COVID-19 origins story Zelikow’s staff tells in COVID Warfare.

Shi Zhengli, working under a grant from Anthony Fauci’s National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, found the closest identified relative to SARS-CoV-2 someday throughout or after the Kunming hospitalizations. PREDICT virus hunts have been logged in August and September 2012 and April and July 2013. 

In February 2020, Shi revealed the identical virus as RaTG13, calling consideration to its similarities to SARS-CoV-2 with out mentioning the virus’s relationship to the hospitalized males or the truth that it had been revealed as RaBtCoV/4991 in 2016’s “Coexistence of a number of coronaviruses in a number of bat colonies in an deserted mineshaft.” 

RaTG13 is recognized as “extracted from bronchoalveolar lavage fluid,” which means that it was taken from a human, however its supply can also be contradictorily marked as from a bat “fecal swab.”

Unusually, not one of the PREDICT scientists revealed something associated to the lethal outbreak, though spillover occasions like this have been their raison d’etre, and the Wuhan Institute of Virology participated in makes an attempt to diagnose the sickness.

The primary information of the 2012 outbreak was in March 2014, when Science Journal ran a narrative, “A New Killer Virus in China?” concerning the publication of “Novel Henipa-like Virus, Mojiang Paramyxovirus, in Rats, China, 2012.” In line with the authors, an all-Chinese language staff led by Qi Jin:

We report on a novel henipa-like virus, Mojiang paramyxovirus (MojV), in rats (Rattus flavipectus) in China.

In June 2012, in Mojiang Hani Autonomous County, Yunnan Province, China, extreme pneumonia with no identified trigger was recognized in 3 individuals who had been working in an deserted mine; all 3 sufferers died. Half a 12 months later, we investigated the presence of novel zoonotic pathogens in pure hosts on this cave.

Did the boys get sick whereas “cleaning the bats’ feces inside the cave” for the PREDICT consortium? Did Qi Jin’s staff go on the lookout for paramyxoviruses as a result of that was what the PREDICT staff had been on the lookout for when males working in an deserted mine for them had gotten sick? The Wuhan Institute of Virology, EcoHealth Alliance and Metabiota’s 2014 “Evidence for Retrovirus and Paramyxovirus Infection of Multiple Bat Species in China,” was an evaluation of bat viruses collected in Yunnan close to Pu’er Metropolis, south of Kunming, between November 2011 and March 2012. 

Was RaTG13 taken from the hospitalized men relatively than a bat colony, as Drs. Jonathan Latham and Alison Wilson have instructed?

Are the hospitalized males the place Peter Daszak and Shi Zhengli acquired the virus they gave to Ralph Baric for his notorious gain-of-function experiments revealed in “A SARS-like cluster of circulating bat coronaviruses shows potential for human emergence”? It was round this time (between April 2011 and September 2012) that WIV’s Shi Zhengli and EcoHealth’s Peter Daszak, working with the USAID PREDICT Consortium, found the first bat SARS-like coronavirus that uses the ACE2 receptor “at a single location in Kunming.”

As a result of COVID Warfare doesn’t acknowledge that the COVID Disaster Group’s funders have been funding these virus hunts and that there have been U.S. organizations concerned, together with Metabiota and EcoHealth Alliance, Zelikow’s Group doesn’t admit that solutions to those questions might be investigated with out China’s assist.

This isn’t hypothesis. Because of emails obtained by way of the Freedom of Data Act by U.S. Right to Know, we all know that Metabiota and EcoHealth Alliance do, in actual fact have PREDICT viruses related to the origins of COVID-19. The emails reveal that they didn’t make the viruses public as a result of President Donald Trump had linked their work to the origins of COVID-19 and Peter Daszak feared that they might lose their USAID funding simply as that they had misplaced their funding from NIH.

Why did Schmidt, Skoll and Shah select Philip Zelikow?

If the sight of Philip Zelikow’s title doesn’t make you elevate your eyebrows and click on your tongue, think about what Michael Saba reported in his 2004 piece, “9/11 Commission: A Giant ‘Snipe Hunt’?”: 

Zelikow is seemingly not an harmless bystander relating to 9/11 points. Zelikow has traditionally labored very intently with Bush Nationwide Safety Adviser Condoleezza Rice co-authoring a e book together with her. Zelikow additionally served on the Bush 2 transition staff for nationwide safety once more with Rice and was briefed by Richard Clarke on the rising Al-Qaeda menace previous to 9/11.

A pair of public curiosity teams, the 9/11 Household Steering Committee and the 9/11 Residents Watch have repeatedly known as for the resignation of Zelikow citing each battle of curiosity and overt participation in American counterterrorism efforts previous to 9/11. In a letter the Household Steering Committee wrote, “It’s clear that (Zelikow) ought to by no means have been permitted to be a member of the fee, since it’s the mandate of the fee to establish the supply of the failures. It’s now obvious why there was so little effort to assign particular person culpability. We now can see that path would lead on to the workers director himself.”

Within the November/December 1998 difficulty of the International Affairs journal, Zelikow co-authored an article titled “Catastrophic Terrorism.” On this article, the authors stated, after declaring that the 1993 explosion on the World Commerce Heart might have been rather more catastrophic, “…..the ensuing horror and chaos would have exceeded our means to explain it. Such an act of catastrophic terrorism can be a watershed occasion in American historical past. It might contain lack of life and property unprecedented in peacetime and undermine America’s elementary sense of safety, as did the Soviet atomic bomb check in 1949.”

“Like Pearl Harbor, the occasion would divide our previous and future right into a earlier than and after. America would possibly reply with draconian measures scaling again civil liberties, permitting wider surveillance of residents, detention of suspects and use of lethal power. Extra violence might comply with, both future terrorist assaults or US counterattacks. Belatedly, Individuals would decide their leaders negligent for not addressing terrorism extra urgently.” 

* * *

Once we interviewed Bob McIlvaine, one of many members of Sept. eleventh Households for Peaceable Tomorrows and the daddy of the late Bobby McIlVaine who died at age 26 within the Sept. 11 tragedy, he said that he felt nothing would come of the decision for the resignation of Philip Zelikow. He stated that he was “one hundred pc” certain that “they knew it was coming” and didn’t actually need the true info made public. … [McIlvaine] identified an fascinating comparability when he was learn the assertion within the Zelikow authored International Coverage article from November/December 1998. He said that in a letter despatched in 2000 to President Bush by the Challenge for a New American Century (PNAC) entitled “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” spearheaded by neocons and different conservatives resembling Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Donald Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney, PNAC members have been betting on “some catastrophic and catalyzing occasion — like a brand new Pearl Harbor”.

Unsurprisingly, Zelikow’s 9/11 Fee Report was a snow job. The Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry lists a number of the methods Zelikow hid the reality, together with what Philip Shenon, writer of The Fee: The Uncensored Historical past of the 9/11 Investigation reported in his 2016 article for the Guardian, “Saudi officials were ‘supporting’ 9/11 hijackers, commission member says”: 

Zelikow fired a staffer, who had repeatedly protested over limitations on the Saudi investigation, after she obtained a replica of the 28 pages exterior of official channels. Different staffers described an offended scene late one night time, close to the top of the investigation, when two investigators who centered on the Saudi allegations have been compelled to hurry again to the fee’s places of work after midnight after studying to their astonishment that a number of the most compelling proof a couple of Saudi tie to 9/11 was being edited out of the report or was being pushed to tiny, barely readable footnotes and endnotes. The workers protests have been principally overruled.

(This will have been one thing of a restricted hangout, given more moderen proof that the CIA took 9/11 hijackers under its wings, as properly.) 

Schmidt, Skoll and Shah’s alternative of Philip Zelikow for his or her COVID origins investigation speaks volumes to present objectives, however it additionally ties them again to the crimes of the Bush-Cheney regime.

Richard Hugus summed of the which means of Zelikow’s function within the COVID Disaster Group eloquently in “Philip Zelikow’s Covid Coverup”:

Zelikow is the consummate insider. Had he not appeared with this coverup masquerading as an earnest critique, we’d have missed seeing that the neocons needed to be concerned within the covid operation simply as they have been in September 11.

Certainly, connections between 9/11 and COVID-19 have been obvious from the get-go, as I found in 2020 once I appeared into who was in control of reviewing “gain-of-function” analysis funding and located Christian Hassell and his boss Robert Kadlec.

Probably the most startling connection between 9/11 and COVID-19 is former Fort Detrick commander David Franz. Franz, now principal at SBD International, is at present a science and coverage advisor to EcoHealth Alliance.

I consider Franz labored on contracts from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to supply microencapsulated anthrax with Ken Alibek and Charles Bailey, and that this was the anthrax used within the 2001 assaults. 

[For background, and to understand how the 2001 anthrax attacks were evidence that 9/11 was an inside job, read The 2001 Anthrax Deception: The Case for a Domestic Conspiracy by Dr. Graeme MacQueen. McQueen passed away recently. You can learn more about his contributions to our understanding of 9/11 in this tribute by James Corbett.]

In “Evidence for the Source of the 2001 Attack Anthrax,” a 2012 article within the peer-reviewed Journal of Bioterrorism & Biodefense, Martin E. Hugh-Jones, Barbara Hatch Rosenberg and Stuart Jacobsen linked the forensic proof from the 2001 assault anthrax to the silicon coated anthrax contracted for by Protection Superior Analysis Tasks Company. Right here’s a abstract they wrote for the Frederick News Post:

Within the case of organic weapons like anthrax, microencapsulation might be used to stop their detection in addition to to guard them from inactivation. A plan to check the consequences of microencapsulation on the detection of pathogens was spelled out within the Division of Protection’s unclassified annual price range justification paperwork issued in 1999, 2000 and 2001 for the Organic Warfare Protection program, underneath which DARPA (the Protection Superior Analysis Tasks Company) was growing a organic weapons detection system. The price range doc for 2002 said that the plan had been completed in 2001. Evidently, the DARPA challenge had been equipped with microencapsulated pathogen(s) within the 12 months of the letter assaults. Dry anthrax spores have been one of many pathogens identified to be underneath research by DARPA in 2001. Antibioterrorism coaching and vulnerability evaluation have been additionally underway within the U.S. on the time and should have utilized any anthrax spore preparations that have been obtainable.

Listed below are extra particulars from their paper:

DOD-sponsored initiatives explicitly involving microencapsulation at DARPA, Dugway and maybe elsewhere have been spelled out publicly in price range paperwork in 1999 and thereafter, and executed on the very time of the anthrax assaults.

* * *

From 1999 to 2001, annual DOD price range merchandise justifications for the DARPA challenge on detectors (known as “sensors”) listed a plan to be carried out in FY 2001 to “consider strategies for eradicating microencapsulation of disguised pathogens and/or sensing by way of the micro-encapsulation”. The price range merchandise justification sheet dated February 2002 listed that plan underneath “FY2001 Accomplishments”, indicating that at the very least one microencapsulated pathogen was studied by DARPA in 2001.

Additionally completed by DARPA in 2001 was the analysis of “strategies of cell stabilization for attainable software to cell primarily based sensors”. One such stabilization methodology is microencapsulation.

Concomitantly, the Chemical/Organic Protection Program (CBDP), protecting work at Dugway, undertook in 1999 to establish and consider rising menace brokers by varied means, and continued work on this challenge by way of FY2001, throughout which 12 months they assessed the gaps within the menace agent knowledge and the wants for improved simulants. Additionally in 2001, plans have been made to provoke a program of synthesis, toxicology screening and characterization of latest menace supplies, to incorporate Fourth Technology Brokers [which include those altered for better survival, e.g. by microencapsulation], and to provoke growth of improved simulants for microencapsulated viruses and stabilized micro organism. All through this era this system offered managed biosimulant aerosol challenges for Joint Service, DARPA, and DOE experimental gear. Dugway examined DARPA’s detection gear in 1999.

* * *

The small however actual tin content material discovered by the FBI laboratory within the Dugway samples seems to have been ignored. Was it a remnant of tin used beforehand at Dugway in categorised work? There isn’t any proof in any way to rule out the chance that the assault samples had been legally made at Dugway or elsewhere. It have to be acknowledged, in fact, that making the spores isn’t synonymous with sending the letters. The “assault” anthrax might have been made for using US businesses or contractors conducting respectable actions resembling vulnerability and response evaluation or testing detection units resembling DARPA’s. The letter sender(s) might have been a number of people who, whether or not legally or illegally, had entry to the fabric sooner or later within the course of.

* * *

The presence, proven by FBI evaluation, of the 2 extraneous parts, tin and silicon, collectively within the assault spores favors the silicone microencapsulation speculation. Microencapsulation, a course of that will require particular experience and complex amenities, might clarify the presence, location and quantities of each parts. At the very least two authorities applications, at DARPA and Dugway, had initiatives requiring microencapsulated pathogens or simulants. Each Dugway and Battelle, a sub-contractor there, had entry to Bacillus anthracis from the presumptive parental flask RMR 1029. Each had the experience to make anthrax spore powders, each – and maybe different government- supported laboratories as properly – might have made the assault spores legally for establishments conducting biodefense actions that required microencapsulated spores.

Bailey and Alibek’s 2001 patent for silicon microencapsulation technology reads: 

In line with the invention, cells are cultivated in a plurality of particular person microdroplets of liquid media. These microdroplets are created by aerosolizing liquid media that has been inoculated with the cells of curiosity and coating the aerosolized droplets with hydrophobic particles of strong materials, resembling silicon dioxide, for instance. The person microdroplets are stabilized inside the hydrophobic strong particles, thereby offering a lot of small cell tradition reactors. The coated microdroplets every present a sterile setting for the person microdroplets contained inside the tradition. Moreover, the person microdroplets every present an optimum microenvironment with a diminished impact of doubtless inhibitory metabolites and optimum accessability to aeration, leading to substantial will increase within the focus of cells per liquid quantity.

A information report about Bailey and Alibek’s Superior Biosystems’ $10 million in DARPA contracts to work on anthrax from 1999 to 2002. famous that they have been assisted by Southern Analysis Institute in Frederick. Franz was vice president for chemical and biological defense at the Southern Research Institute on the time, in order that’s why I consider he labored on the silicon encapsulated anthrax with Bailey and Alibek.

It was mind-blowing to see David Franz, an anthrax-era army bioweapons scientist, as an advisor to EcoHealth Alliance, a corporation with a central function within the COVID origins story that Zelikow is shaping on behalf of billionaires with a private curiosity in how that story is informed.

Writing this text, I discovered that Philip Zelikow was also a consultant to the January 6 Committee vice-chaired by Liz Cheney. That gave much more significance to the looks of Dick Cheney at the Capitol on the anniversary of the occasions of January 6, 2021.

The involvement of Philip Zelikow within the COVID coverup, and Liz Cheney in January 6, alerts that these two occasions are related, as Dr. Simone Gold of America’s Frontline Doctors can attest, however what’s occurring?

I shudder to suppose, however it appears like we’re being primed for Trump v. Cheney 2024. May Hunter Biden’s scandals deliver down Joe Biden simply in time for Cheney to throw her hat within the ring, win the Democratic major and beat Trump? She and her father appear to suppose so. I go away you to ponder Liz Cheney’s most up-to-date political advert (and her dad’s from last fall, in case you missed it):

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