First Honey from Yard Beehive!

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How shortly a brand new beehive produces its first batch of honey with a video of the method unfolding in a yard natural colony.

woman with beehive frame with first new honey

I’m very excited to share that my new beehive is beginning to produce its first honey!

These of you following my journey as a brand new beekeeper might recall that I acquired my first yard beehive in March 2023.

It was truly a Christmas current from my husband, courtesy of our native Gem Apiaries, but it surely couldn’t be put into place till the gentle Spring climate arrived!

It’s been virtually precisely 4 months, and proper on time, the bees are beginning to produce honey.

To present you some perspective on how shortly the hive has grown, the preliminary colony consisted of about 4,000 bees.

The hive is now about 15,000-20,000 robust regardless of an issue with the queen bee solely a few months after the hive was began. She was injured which required requeening the beehive as shortly as doable to take care of its viability.

We had a important juncture at the moment as a result of the brand new queen the colony hatched itself didn’t survive a string of hailstorms that occurred throughout her mating flights.

I’m lucky as a neighbor a couple of half mile away has a number of yard beehives. So, there was solely a brief distance for our queen to fly to search out genetically unrelated drones.

Sadly, these hailstorms actually threw a wrench within the works!

We ended up having to buy a queen and insert her shortly to take care of the hive’s development and viability.

First Honey in a New Beehive

Regardless of these setbacks, the hive is flourishing and is demonstrating as such with honey manufacturing.

The video beneath exhibits the primary honey and honeycomb 🐝 🍯

Nonetheless, I can’t harvest this honey as a result of the hive is in its first season. It must construct up its dimension and energy first.

The perfect-case situation is that after the perfect climate of October arrives, there is perhaps sufficient surplus. Then, I can harvest some honey for our household and in addition for vacation presents.

Nonetheless, the extra probably situation is that I’m able to harvest my first surplus honey when the colony is in its second season subsequent 12 months.

Surplus Honey Solely!

In different phrases, a very good beekeeper will solely take honey from a hive that’s in extra of what the colony wants.

I definitely gained’t take any that the hive wants for optimum thriving and survival over the winter.

A ten-frame Langstroth hive, which is what I’ve, might be anticipated to provide 50-100 kilos of surplus honey yearly whether it is wholesome and thriving!

Trace: I’m having a lot enjoyable, that subsequent 12 months, I’m additionally going to probably get a second yard hive!

beekeeper holding frame of first honey