Ep. #1010: Q&A: “Boring” Coaching, Methods to Develop Calves, New Books, 1-Rep Max Testing, and Extra

Whats up there, and welcome to a different episode of Muscle for Life. I’m Mike Matthews. Thanks for becoming a member of me at the moment for the thirty third installment of my q and a collection of episodes the place I reply questions that folks ask me over on Instagram at Muscle Fly Health. Come observe me. Each week or two, I put up a narrative asking for questions.

I get a bunch of questions, I reply them. On Instagram O after which I deliver every part over right here on the podcast and reply the questions in additional element. And so at the moment’s questions are everywhere. Uh, one is, why is my coaching so boring? I reply a query about testosterone. Is it price. Dabbling in cable flies versus cable dips.

Why are calves so arduous to develop? And what are you able to do to develop these cussed little bastards cool downs, post-workout, cool downs? Ought to we be doing them? Why I elevated legions costs. The costs of, nicely, every part that legion sells and extra earlier than we sink our enamel. What number of energy do you have to eat to achieve your health objectives quicker?

What about your macros? What kinds of meals do you have to eat, and what number of meals do you have to eat day-after-day? Nicely, I created a free 62nd weight loss program quiz that’ll reply these questions for you and others, together with how a lot alcohol it’s best to drink, whether or not it’s best to eat extra fatty fish to get sufficient omega-3 fatty acids.

What dietary supplements are price taking and why and extra To take the quiz and get your free customized weight loss program plan. Go to Muscle For Life Present slash weight loss program. Quiz muscle f o r. Dot present slash weight loss program quiz now reply the questions and be taught what it’s worthwhile to do within the kitchen to lose fats, construct muscle, and get wholesome.

Okay, the primary query comes from nameless as a result of sadly, this was a time when Instagram was glitching and I wasn’t in a position to simply document who was asking questions. However query is boxers or briefs, and this have to be a trick query as a result of boxer briefs is the one proper reply. Subsequent query, why are your exercises.

Boring. Nicely, you might be asking the identical man who has been consuming kind of the identical meals, like precisely the identical factor. Each meal, day-after-day for about three years with perhaps slight variations, each, I don’t know, six to. 10 months, like my lunch salad has modified a little bit bit over time, however not very a lot.

My vegetable slop dinner has modified a little bit bit over time. For instance, there was a time when it was an Asian stir fry. I took the Asian stir fry recipe from my. Cookbook the shredded chef and simply added a few different greens and performed round with the spices and the sauces. Nevertheless it mainly was that recipe for a very long time.

Now it’s sort of a Thanksgiving dinner slop as a result of it’s just like a stuffing recipe with out the stuffing, and I really like stuffing. I really like the flavour profile. So for instance, I. Base of onion and celery and garlic and there’s some parsley and oregano, rosemary, some hen inventory. You need to use vegetable as nicely.

However I just like the, the style of hen inventory a little bit bit extra. So similar to a. A stuffing dish, however then I put some rice in there and I put some type of meat. It’s normally hen, normally floor hen. And that’s my vegetable slop as of proper now. And in a couple of months, I’ll in all probability wish to change the flavour profile to one thing else.

Possibly that’ll be a, a cookbook. At some point it’ll simply be Mike’s vegetable slops. It’ll be 50 totally different vegetable slops. So anyway, coming again to the query and giving a severe reply. Sure. In some methods my coaching is sort of boring, proper? Acquainted workout routines, easy development fashions, repetitive exercises, however that’s the kind of coaching that produces long-term outcomes.

So in that manner, the extra boring your exercises are, the more practical they often are going to. And in the end, if we’re speaking about sustaining motivation, it’s a widespread false impression that enjoyable is probably the most motivating think about your coaching. Enjoyable does matter. It may be motivating, however what I’ve discovered for me and for a lot of, many individuals I’ve spoken with and labored with over time is outcomes are probably the most motivating issue.

Getting the outcomes you need is extraordinarily motivating, even when your coaching isn’t all. Attention-grabbing. Even when there isn’t a lot variation or a lot novelty, perhaps it isn’t even that enjoyable as an exercise unto itself, however as a result of it’s producing outcomes and it’s getting you nearer to your well being and health objectives that imply loads to you, you might be very motivated to do the coaching.

Subsequent query, is experimenting with testosterone price it? No, positively not. You probably have clinically. T ranges, and you’ve got tried to repair it naturally, and it isn’t working. Then I perceive T R t testosterone substitute remedy. I feel it’s warranted. I might do it myself if I have been in that place.

Once more, low testosterone signs of low testosterone, low power, dangerous temper, dangerous exercises, low intercourse drive, et cetera, et cetera. and if I then tried to do every part I may naturally with weight loss program, I might even attempt some dietary supplements which have proven to be efficient in some individuals in some circumstances, like de aspartic acid, for instance, in a few others that usually don’t appear to do a lot.

However once more, you may get fortunate and reply Nicely, I might attempt every part that I may naturally, but when none of that, Then sure, I might get on t r t as a result of at that time it’s, it’s a matter of high quality of life. It’s not simply to attempt to achieve some muscle or lose some fats, but when my testosterone ranges are wonderful.

And so in case you on the market are interested by dabbling, With steroids. In case your testosterone ranges are wonderful, I might not advocate injecting any of those medicine or swallowing any of those medicine since you’re in all probability going to seek out it very arduous to cease. In case you speak to only about anybody who has used a number of steroids and who’s trustworthy with themselves and keen to let you know the reality, mainly each single one in every of them will say, It’s very arduous to cease.

These medicine are usually not physiologically addictive in the identical manner as, let’s say, cocaine or opioids, however there are robust psychological addictions that may develop as a result of you will really feel excellent in case your testosterone is out the roof. And in case you are including different medicine, your exercises are going to be nice.

You’re gonna achieve a number of muscle and energy. You’re in all probability going to. Want much less sleep, however you’re gonna have very excessive power ranges, et cetera, et cetera. If you wish to hear extra about that aspect of steroids, the risks related to their use that aren’t typically talked about, take a look at the interview I did with Greg Duette, D O U C E T T E, and see what you.

All proper, subsequent query. Cable flies or dips? Uh, I might say flies in order for you a joint pleasant isolation train for the ps, however dips are nice in order for you a harder compound motion for the pex tries and shoulders. Now dips are usually not dangerous to your joints, however cable flies are extra joint pleasant. Subsequent query.

Why are calves so arduous to develop? Nicely, for many people, I’ve had a number of. Difficulties rising my calves. It’s a mixture of beginning with mainly nothing, which is me. I began with primarily no calves, although I performed a number of ice hockey, which is odd. So it’s a mixture of that and having a number of kind one muscle fibers in our calves, and some of these muscle fibers don’t develop as simply as kind two muscle fibers.

That mentioned, in case your calves are lagging, in case you can determine methods to do, let’s say, 15 to twenty arduous units per week, and I additionally would advocate. Doing a wide range of rep ranges, say 4 to 6, do some units within the 4 to 6 vary, after which the eight to 10 vary, after which the 12 to fifteen and even 15 to twenty vary, as a result of analysis exhibits that some individuals’s calves reply higher to sure.

Rep ranges over others and as an alternative of making an attempt to determine which rep vary is right to your calves, it’s finest to only do a range and know that you’re going to be maximally stimulating your calves. So if you are able to do that, let’s say 15 to twenty arduous units per week, your calves will develop. And that’s really what I’ve been doing for about two months now.

I’ve been coaching my calves mainly day-after-day, 4 or 5 days per week, doing three to 4 units per day, and they’re rising. Nicely, a few of that may be a residual pump, however they’ve grown at the very least a little bit bit as a result of I’ve bumped up my quantity by 50 or 60%, and also you normally can’t try this in case you are coaching, let’s say your legs and also you’re doing 10 to 12 arduous units per week to your legs.

In case you have been to attempt to enhance that by 50 to 60, P.c one week to the following, you’d be very sore. I might not advocate that. I might advocate going up perhaps by 10 to twenty% after which acclimating to that for every week or two, after which going up by one other 10 to twenty% repeating. However with a small muscle group just like the calves that recovers shortly, you are able to do that.

And once you vastly enhance your quantity, as long as you preserve your depth as long as you. Ending your arduous units near muscular failure. You’ll be able to’t assist however develop. So we’ll see. We’ll see the place my day by day calf coaching will get me. Subsequent query, how could I pay you again for altering my life? Good, sir. You already know, I by no means know what to say when individuals say issues like this to me as a result of it’s just a bit bit surreal, I suppose, and I don’t know.

I’m simply not nice with compliments. Nonetheless, my trustworthy reply is, Individuals who I’ve helped don’t owe me something actually. I’m flattered and I recognize that you just gave me a shot as a result of there are such a lot of individuals on the market hustling to your consideration today. Now, if that isn’t sufficient and you actually wanna do one thing to.

Pay me again, quote unquote, simply unfold the phrase. Simply inform individuals who wish to get into higher form about me and my work. That is likely one of the most precious issues anybody can do. Okay, subsequent query is I are inclined to skip cool downs. How vital are they? Very unimportant. Until you wish to do some stretching or some mobility work, I’d advocate doing.

After your energy coaching, and also you don’t should do these issues. Stretching slash mobility work isn’t all that vital except you’ve gotten particular points or particular restrictions that you’re addressing. Many individuals don’t, although. Many individuals preserve nice mobility and nice flexibility with correct energy coaching alone as a result of there’s a number of stretching concerned in correct energy coaching.

Take into consideration the quantity of decrease physique stretching concerned in a correct squat, for instance. Higher deadlift, particularly a Romanian deadlift or a straight leg deadlift. Take into consideration the higher physique stretching concerned in a bench press, in an overhead press, even in a pull-up and chin-up and all that’s the reason lots of people who do a good quantity of energy coaching and no formal stretching, Retain very excessive ranges of flexibility above common ranges of flexibility.

Very wholesome ranges of flexibility. Subsequent query. Why did you jack the worth of your protein powder? So they’re referring to my sports activities diet firm. Legion and we raised the worth of our protein powders, whey casing, our vegan plant protein as nicely. And we even have needed to increase the worth, I feel, of each single product.

And the reason being, nicely, every part is costlier now. Much more costly, uncooked substances, packaging, labels, bottles and baggage, achievement. It’s all a. Costlier than it was only a 12 months or so in the past, for instance, since this era of transitory. Put that in. Scare quotes. Ha ha, ha. Inflation started the price of producing and transport a bottle of my whey protein isolate, which is known as Whey plus, that has jumped by 60.

8% the price of getting a bottle of my post-workout complement recharge into your grabbers, that’s up 71%. My casing protein, 75%, I imply I may go on, however the economics have soured a lot that I used to be really shedding cash on lots of of month-to-month subscription orders, for instance, cuz individuals had locked in these subscription orders a while in the past at decrease costs.

And so anyway, I needed to do what everyone seems to be doing today. I needed to increase my costs, however the excellent news is legion’s prices have stabilized, so I don’t count on to should make any additional value will increase anytime quickly, and my buyer’s willingness to pay barely extra for legion’s merchandise have allowed me to take care of the standard of my formulations, which is essential to.

And to that time, if there’s a complement firm on the market that has not elevated costs within the final 12 months, they both have the monetary acumen of Paul Krugman or they’re in all probability decreasing the standard of their merchandise to take care of their revenue margins. Possibly they’re utilizing fewer substances. Possibly they’re utilizing smaller doses.

Possibly they’re decreasing servings and so forth. Subsequent query is, ought to a 145 pound man with 14% physique. Lifting for the primary time. Bulk or reduce first. You already know, it is a situation the place upkeep energy really will in all probability work fairly nicely as a result of this man goes to, and this could apply to a girl, let’s say a girl who has a, a standard physique composition.

The load would rely on her peak, however let’s say, , 14% physique. In males is is athletic wanting. It’s not shredded, it’s not obese in ladies, perhaps the comparable degree of physique fats can be perhaps 25%, 24%, and 145 pound man. So clearly he’s in all probability not very. Tall, I might guess, however regular construct.

And so this recommendation would apply to a girl beginning out with a really regular, perhaps even a little bit little bit of a, of an athletic construct. So reducing might be not one of the best place to begin as a result of in the end what’s gonna occur is, yeah, you’re gonna get leaner. And within the case of this man, he’s gonna get to, let’s say 10% physique fats.

He’s gonna have a pleasant six pack, however he’s going to really feel very small, after which he’s going to only wish to deal with. Muscle. And if a girl is beginning out comparatively small as nicely and comparatively lean, positive she will be able to additionally get to the place she sees her abdomen muscle tissues, however she’s in all probability going to really feel sort of frail.

Then again, beginning with, uh, a lean bulk, it might not be a mistake right here. However what’ll occur is after this man who’s beginning at 14% physique fats, after he positive aspects in all probability three, 4, 5% physique fats. So as soon as he’s approaching 20%, he’s going to begin feeling sort of fats. It’s going to be a little bit bit uncomfortable.

And the identical factor would go for the lady beginning at 24. By the point she approaches 30, she in all probability is. Going to wish to get again to the mid twenties. That’s at the very least been my expertise working with many individuals over time. So upkeep energy may work fairly nicely right here as a result of with upkeep energy, this man or his feminine.

Counterpart. What they’ll be capable of do is achieve fairly a little bit of muscle with little or no fats. They could even find yourself shedding a little bit little bit of fats as a result of if you find yourself consuming at upkeep energy, in fact you aren’t hitting that actual quantity that you’re burning day-after-day. You’re simply round it. Some days you’re a little bit bit over.

Some days you’re a little bit bit below, and I’ve seen when individuals are beginning out with energy coaching and correct weight-reduction plan, With upkeep energy, they have an inclination to eat a little bit bit much less extra typically than they eat a little bit bit extra. Additionally, their physique is so conscious of the coaching and has so many higher makes use of now for these energy that they have an inclination to lose a little bit little bit of physique fats slightly than achieve a little bit little bit of physique fats over the course of.

Let’s say 4 to 6 months of upkeep. And even when they don’t lose or achieve physique fats, even when they only preserve the very same quantity of whole physique fats as once they began, in the event that they add muscle, now their physique fats share has gone down, proper? As a result of physique fats share is share of physique weight that’s fats, and that may make you.

Leaner since you’ve added muscle that’s going to distribute the physique fats a little bit bit in another way. Your physique simply seems to be higher and appears leaner with the identical quantity of physique fats. It fills out that muscle sort of fills out your physique higher than, it sort of shifts the fats distribution in ways in which individuals usually like extra.

So nothing improper with beginning out with upkeep energy. Hey there. If you’re listening to this, you might be nonetheless listening, which is superior. Thanks. And in case you are having fun with this podcast, or in case you identical to my podcast typically and you might be getting at the very least one thing out of it, would you thoughts sharing it with a.

Good friend or a cherished one, or a not so cherished one even who may wish to be taught one thing new. Phrase of mouth helps actually bigly in rising the present. So in case you consider somebody who may like this episode or one other one, please do inform them about it. Subsequent query. Does the progressive overload precept apply to accent workout routines?

Some get heavy quick, sure, completely. Progressive overload applies to all resistance coaching. If you’re making an attempt to make progress, in case you are making an attempt to realize muscle and energy, it’s a must to determine methods to progressively overload your muscle tissues, and typically it’s a must to work very arduous to lastly add extra weight, particularly on sure isolation slash accent workout routines particularly.

The smaller muscle teams. Consider a aspect increase to your aspect belts. Consider a rear increase to your rear belt. Consider calves, consider biceps at first. It’s straightforward so as to add weight to those workout routines for the primary six months or so, however when you get pretty robust, you might need to grind for months earlier than you may transfer up simply 5 kilos in every dumbbell, for instance.

What it’s worthwhile to do is figure on rising the quantity of reps you are able to do, rising the quantity of units that you are able to do, and ultimately you may flip that into rising the quantity of weight. And my final remark right here is the double development mannequin works rather well for that, and that’s the development mannequin that I exploit in my greater, leaner, stronger, and thinner.

Leaner robust. Packages. So in case you wanna be taught extra about double development and methods to put it into use, take a look at greater, leaner, stronger, uh, guide in case you’re a man. Thinner, leaner, stronger guide in case you are a woman, even in case you don’t wish to get thinner, I needed to name that guide Fitter, leaner, stronger, however in surveying a number of my.

Feminine readers and followers, they a lot most popular, thinner, leaner, stronger, over fitter, leaner, stronger. I used a Likert scale, a one to 5 Likert scale, one being I hate it, 5 being I like it, and thinner, leaner, stronger. Averaged, I wanna say like a 4. It surveyed fairly nicely with lots of, if not 1000’s of ladies.

So pattern measurement of ladies merely asking them, right here’s the guide, right here’s what it’s about, proper? Right here’s a abstract of the guide. Listed below are a few potential titles. Price them one to 5 and thinner, lean or stronger. Once more, averaged like a 4, which is excellent and fitter, leaner, stronger, averaged. I feel it was round a two.

Not excellent. So I merely went with what the market instructed me was finest. Okay, subsequent query. Worldwide trip for 2 weeks. No fitness center entry. What can I do to take care of my progress? The simplest solution to keep lean whereas additionally having fun with your trip. There are two steps. One is eat freely to the purpose of satisfaction.

Not struggling, however satisfaction a few times per day. And in any other case, alternate between protein shakes and further filling fruit like apples and oranges and low calorie sort of excessive protein snacks like Greek yogurt or skier, low fats, cottage cheese, deli meat, Turkey jerky, stuff like that. After which two, embrace common bodily exercise in your itinerary.

You are able to do formal exercises if you wish to, however you don’t should. It could possibly be leisurely walks, it could possibly be hikes, it could possibly be bike rides. Simply attempt to keep lively. Okay. Subsequent query. Would you ever do a US meet and greet tour of some kind? Sure, I might. I’m on this and actually, I used to be interested by doing a pair day dwell occasion someday subsequent 12 months within the Tampa, Orlando space with Legion athletes and with a few of my health associates, and though I’ve not formally began to work on that but.

I might say there’s at the very least a 50 50 probability that we do it subsequent 12 months. It’s not a matter of want. I do wish to do it. It’s solely a matter of bandwidth. I don’t have anyone at the moment working with me who I can provide that to, so I’m gonna should in all probability rent an outdoor service after which have any individual internally coordinate the small print.

It’s simply. The logistics should be labored out, however I very very similar to the thought. I’d like to try this annually. We’ll name it Legion Reside. It’ll be enjoyable. Okay, subsequent query. Why do you assume the Carnivore weight loss program has so many optimistic testimonials whether it is largely bs? Nicely, many individuals can expertise many advantages once they begin.

Consuming extra nutritious protein. So meat is nutritious protein. And once they begin consuming fewer energy, once they eliminate extremely processed meals, and when in addition they are inclined to make different life-style adjustments together with the weight loss program, for instance, they could begin exercising once more or exercising extra or doing higher kinds of train.

They could begin ingesting much less alcohol. They could begin getting higher sleep. Many individuals. Begin with weight loss program, however then additionally begin making these different adjustments. So what we now have to recollect although is that carnivore shouldn’t be the one solution to do all of these issues and is in actual fact inferior to a plant centric strategy that’s the clear weight of the scientific.

Proof. And in case you wanna be taught extra about my tackle the carnivore weight loss program and on all the related analysis that I may discover, head over to legion athletics.com, seek for carnivore, and also you’ll discover an article that I wrote in all probability a 12 months or two in the past, nevertheless it additionally bought up to date not too long ago. And so it’s my present place on the carnivore weight loss program.

Subsequent query is greater, leaner, stronger. Model 4, when is the brand new guide popping out? So the fourth version of Larger, leaner, stronger, one thing I’ve been engaged on for at the very least a 12 months now, I feel a little bit bit longer. Nonetheless, the e-book is dwell in all places. The audiobook can be up. I feel it went up a few month in the past.

So audiobook is dwell and I’m on the brink of order the arduous copies, so the brand new paperbacks. And I’m additionally gonna do a tough cowl. And they are going to be dwell in all probability early subsequent 12 months, Q1 subsequent 12 months. Trigger it takes a few months to print a bunch of books after which it’s a must to promote by the present books that you’ve got, et cetera, et cetera.

And I’ve additionally achieved a fourth version of Thinner, leaner, stronger, and that’s at the moment in. Manufacturing course of. So the audiobook is getting recorded, needs to be achieved within the subsequent couple of weeks, and the e-book is nearly there. There simply are a few illustrations that an illustrator is drawing. After which as soon as these are achieved, we’ll be capable of wrap up and launch the e-book.

And that’s on all platforms, not simply Amazon, wherever you may purchase any guide. If Lina Stronger is there, it’s going to be the fourth version, in all probability by the tip of the 12 months or January. After which comes the arduous copies. I might say the arduous copies in all probability are usually not going to be dwell like on Amazon and elsewhere till summer time of subsequent 12 months, simply due to the delay between ordering new ones, promoting by present and so forth.

And I’m additionally updating the exercise journals that go along with these books. So the Yr One Problem for Males, that goes with greater leaders, stronger and the 12 months one problem for girls, which matches. Thinner, linear, stronger, a 12 months’s price of exercises programmed by me, takes you thru the packages. These are getting up to date to be precisely according to every part that’s within the fourth additions of these books, and each of these exercise journals needs to be 100% dwell in each digital and arduous copy format.

By in all probability summer time of subsequent 12 months. Sluggish. I do know. Don’t get into writing and publishing books except you might be very affected person, . Okay, subsequent query. Bulgarian cut up squats as a everlasting substitute for barbell again squat. Certain. If you don’t do nicely with the barbell again squat, perhaps you’ve gotten an damage or one thing is stopping you from doing.

Correctly with out ache. The Bulgarian cut up squat is a good different. Keep in mind, you don’t should barbell squat, again squat or entrance squat except you’re an influence lifter or Olympic weightlifter. However in case you’re simply any individual who desires to get and keep match, the squat is a good train if you are able to do it, however in case you can’t otherwise you don’t wish to, there are many alternate options.

Subsequent query, how do you have to incorporate a one rep max into your routine? I desire testing within the vary of three to 5 reps, so three to 5 rep maxes as a result of it’s safer and it’s much less draining than a real one rm. However I’ll say that. True one RM testing will be enjoyable. I’ve not achieved it myself in a while, however I used to do it each six months or so in my twenties, my mid to late twenties once I was mainly invincible and I get the attract.

If you’re robust, I might not advocate doing it greater than as soon as per six months. As a result of it’s arduous in your physique. You’ll be doing it on in all probability the squat, the deadlift, and the bench press, perhaps the overhead press. I doubt you will onem take a look at your leg press, for instance. And so some individuals, they don’t recognize how a lot stress a real onem take a look at places on the physique.

So once more, as soon as each six months or so is a lot typically. And I might additionally advocate. Planning it so you may observe it up with a D load. So if you will onem your squat, deadlift bench, and overhead press, do these issues in a single week after which have the next week be a D load, perhaps even every week off, simply to assist your physique totally get well so you will get again to your regular coaching.

With out rising the probabilities of experiencing signs associated to overtraining. Subsequent query, would you do 4 to 6 reps even for isolation workout routines like lateral raises or flies? These workout routines particularly, not a lot. I did a number of that previously. Nonetheless, no longer a lot as a result of it’s arduous to take care of correct type, however there are various different isolation workout routines that I feel do lend themselves to heavy reps like.

Biceps curls, for instance, and I’ll say that my biceps have responded actually, rather well to heavy coaching. I didn’t discover one other spurt of progress in my biceps till I began doing a number of 4 to 6 rep units. I got here from doing a number of tens and twelves and fifteens. Not that these are usually not efficient for constructing biceps, they’re, however I seen that when I began doing.

Lots of fours and fives and sixes, and perhaps some sevens and eights. My biceps responded rather well, and I’ve heard from many individuals, normally guys, however I’ve heard from many individuals over time who’ve had the identical expertise who say that their biceps have been caught till they began to do heavier coaching on their biceps.

Identical factor with triceps. You are able to do many various triceps workout routines safely and comfortably in that 4 to 6 rep vary. You are able to do. Pull workout routines in that rep vary, you are able to do some decrease physique isolation workout routines in that rep vary and it may be very efficient. It’s not solely that these heavy fours, fives, and sixes are usually not solely to your huge compound lifts.

Last query, 10 reps of deadlift looks like hell in past, greater than or stronger, which is my program for intermediate and superior weightlifters. Is that widespread? Sure. Sure, this system does name for units of 10 on the deadlift, and sure, it’s grotesque. Nicely, I hope you appreciated this episode. I hope you discovered it useful, and in case you did subscribe to the present as a result of it makes positive that you just don’t miss new episodes.

And it additionally helps me as a result of it will increase the rankings of the present a little bit bit, which in fact then makes it a little bit bit extra simply discovered by different individuals who could prefer it simply as a lot as you. And in case you didn’t like one thing about this episode or in regards to the present typically, or in case you. Uh, concepts or strategies or simply suggestions to share.

Shoot me an e mail, mike muscle for all times.com, muscle f o r life.com and let me know what I may do higher or simply, uh, what your ideas are about perhaps what you’d wish to see me do sooner or later. I learn every part myself. I’m at all times in search of new concepts and constructive suggestions. So thanks once more for listening to this episode, and I hope to listen to from you.