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Somebody I do know in Iowa was simply bemoaning the rising value of a dozen eggs. Think about $5.99 a dozen!! I requested them what it takes to put an egg out of the physique of a birdlike reptile. 

If an egg got here out of you, expensive one, how a lot wouldn’t it value? 

Our craving for the most affordable egg misses the large image. Driving the value down within the shortest quantity of manufacturing time hurts the farmer, their neighborhood, and the birds. 

We positively love eggs. Not solely are eggs an ideal supply of nutritional vitamins and minerals, however they will also be used as a part of a self-sufficient meals plan; they are often raised proper in your individual yard! 

I found the marvel of homegrown eggs within the early Eighties. A few of you could bear in mind the obsession. I realized fairly a bit about elevating chickens and consuming contemporary natural eggs. 

Which Got here First, the Rooster or the Egg?

The everlasting query of “which got here first, the egg or the hen?” stays to be answered. But, our ancestors already knew by 7000 BC that elevating their very own chickens might guarantee a regular supply of food

Research estimate that the hen was domesticated 8,000 years in the past in Southeast Asia and unfold to China and India 2,000 to three,000 years later. Then past conquering the entire world straight to our plates.

We’re an Egg-static Species.

Due to their nutrient density and flexibility, eggs have change into a staple meals for many individuals the world over. 

Eggs are an extremely nutritious meals filled with all types of important nutritional vitamins and minerals. One giant egg accommodates roughly 6 to 7 grams of high-quality protein, 5 grams of fats, 1 gram of carbohydrate, and numerous different vitamins equivalent to choline, selenium, and vitamin B12. The protein present in eggs could be very top quality, that means it accommodates all 9 important amino acids the human physique can’t produce by itself. This makes them a superb supply of protein. Protein from eggs is extra simply absorbed by the physique and extra effectively used for development and restore. 

On the subject of dietary worth, the advantages of eggs are arduous to beat. Whereas the egg was lengthy vilified for ldl cholesterol, there may be much more than meets the egg. 

We’ve realized that the ldl cholesterol in eggs is just not straight related to excessive blood ldl cholesterol. 

Saturated fats is rather more damaging to your ldl cholesterol stage than consuming an omelet! 

Eggs are additionally one of many few pure sources of Vitamin D, which helps to manage blood stress, calcium absorption, and cell development. The egg can be described as a powerhouse for nutrients that battle illnesses like lutein and zeaxanthin. These lesser-known vitamins scale back the chance of age-related blindness.

Purchase, Develop, and Eat the Finest High quality Eggs 

Elevating your individual chickens might be a good way to get the freshest and most nutritious eggs. By caring for the chickens your self, you may make sure that the eggs you get are of the best high quality. Listed here are some ideas for retaining your chickens wholesome and producing arduous, thick shells and vibrant orange yolks. 

Present your hens with a wholesome natural eating regimen. Be sure to maintain the meals provide clear, however the bugs and greens [SB1] they eat are wanted for his or her good eating regimen as properly. Chickens might be messy eaters, so investing in a DIY chick feedermight stop many well being dangers. 

Maintain your coop clear and well-ventilated. This may assist preserve your hens wholesome and free from illness. It’s additionally essential to maintain it free from predators like rats, snakes, and raccoons. 

Be sure to maintain your chickens in a safe space. Even a small enclosure can shield your hens from a foul raccoon or Whiley coyote.

Be sure the hens have loads of room to maneuver round. If they’re cramped up in too small of an space, they gained’t be capable to produce as many eggs as they may in a bigger area. 

Be Meals Self Ample 

Getting your individual hen eggs can promote self-sufficiency and inexperienced dwelling. Elevating your chickens for eggs is a superb choice for these trying to scale back their carbon footprint and change into extra self-sustainable. 

Eggs will also be used as a part of a self-sufficient food-producing plan. You’ll be able to mix egg manufacturing with rising greens and fruit, elevating different animals, and making fermented meals equivalent to yogurt and cheese. With a various vary of homegrown meals sources, you may change into much more self-sufficient and scale back your reliance on processed meals. 

Egg freshness and ethics

On the subject of getting the freshest eggs, there isn’t any comparability. Grocery eggs might have been within the retailer for some time. With eggs out of your chickens, you might be certain of their freshness.

When eggs are laid by your chickens, they comprise the best ranges of diet and style. The style of a freshly laid egg is usually described as “candy” or “wealthy.” 

The dietary worth of an egg is set by its freshness and stage of growth. As eggs age, their nutrient content material decreases. 

Moreover, many shop-bought eggs have been laid by caged hens. It’s a horrible story of struggling and confinement that I’ll spare you… look it up. They grind the newborn males alive in an ideal jaw as a result of they’re not layers.

Elevating your individual chickens is usually a sport changer, encouraging you to reside a extra purposeful life. Your eggs are usually not solely excessive in dietary worth, however in addition they help the atmosphere and well-being of the animals we eat. 

Increase ‘em, love ‘em, eat them. Identical to we’ve carried out for eons 

Acquired huevos to provide a cluck?  Increase a hen.