An Interview with Miriam Pérez of Café Orgánico Marcala (COMSA)  — The Grime

Monica: How lengthy does it take for the crop to be prepared for harvesting? 

Miriam: The espresso crop is prepared for harvesting within the third yr. 

Monica: In what season of the yr is the espresso harvest? 

Miriam: The harvest season within the Marcala area begins in November and ends in April. 

Monica: What’s the harvesting course of like? 

Miriam: When the gathering begins, two containers are used, they are often baggage or baskets. These are hooked up to the physique of the particular person who’s going to hold out the espresso cherry assortment process. These containers are used to deposit the inexperienced, dry, and over-fermented beans on one aspect and the pink cherries within the different container. 

At 3 pm, the espresso is acquired by the harvesters, weighing the espresso cherries and retaining a document of the each day deliveries for every one that harvests them. 

The pink espresso cherries are positioned in a sieve to proceed with the choice of inexperienced, dry, and fermented beans which can be combined on the time of harvest. Then the depulping course of is carried out to acquire a honey-processed espresso and/or it’s taken to the sun-drying patio to acquire a pure, dry cherry espresso. 

Monica: What forms of soils do you will have and what are a few of your practices to complement/preserve the standard? 

Miriam: A big a part of our soils is sandy loam soils. The great agricultural practices we use to nourish the crops and soil embody: 

  • Preparation and utility of natural fertilizers primarily based on natural matter, mountain microorganisms, minerals, and dwelling molecules. 

  • Software of bio-preparations. 

  • Sowing of Therapeutic crystals. 

  • Pranic Therapeutic meditations over the crops. 

  • Sowing of timber. 

Cultivation duties utilizing the lunar calendar (Cleansing, pruning, de-leafing, sowing and re-sowing of espresso crops, utility of stable and liquid natural fertilizers)